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We are the Freedom Side.

We’re a collective of young leaders of color, standing together at the front lines of the fight for racial justice.

We’re from Mississippi and Texas, Florida and North Carolina, Ohio and countries we were born in but don’t live in. We’re from every state and every ‘hood, and we call America home.

In 1964, a group of young leaders came from all around the country to register as many African- American voters as possible for 10 hot, historic weeks. They called it the Freedom Summer.

In 2014, on the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Summer, this generation’s leaders are inheriting that legacy to continue that fight.

Together, we defiantly claim that our lives matter.






Meet Us

We are grassroots organizers, students and volunteers who work to dismantle unjust policies and build power and create change in our communities.

Phillip Agnew, Dream Defenders, FL
Irving Allen, North Carolina NAACP, NC
Monserrat Alvarez, Youth Organizing Institute, NC
William Barber, North Carolina NAACP, Youth & College Division, NC
Dante Barry, Million Hoodies Movement, NY
Shabnam Bashiri
Keron Blair, MidWest Academy, IL
Maria Fernanda Cabello, United We Dream, TX
Sofia Campos, United We Dream, CA
Carolina Canizales, United We Dream, TX
Charlene Carruthers, Black Youth Project 100, IL
Genny Castillo, Caucus Services for the Georgia House Democratic Caucus, GA
Marlene Cerritos, Student Immigrant Movement, MA
Michelle Crentsil, SEIU, NY
Malaya Davis, Ohio Student Association, OH
Neidi Dominguez, California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, CA
Yadira Garcia, Arizona Dream Act Coalition, AZ
Alex Gomez, United We Dream
Cynthia Gordy, Advancement Project, NY
Jorge Gutierrez, California Immigrant Youth Justice Alliance, CA
Amelia Hayes, Ohio Student Association, OH
James Hayes, Ohio Student Association, OH
Curtis Hierro, Dream Defenders, FL
Bex Hurwitz, Research Action Design, CA
Maria Ibarra, MAC, TX
Tyson Jackson, United Automobile Workers, MS
Cristina Jimenez, United We Dream, DC
Kirin Kanakkanatt, GetEqual, NY
Kevin Kang, United We Dream, NY
Sandra Khalifa, Dream Defenders, FL
Tiffany Loftin, American Federation of Teachers, DC
Antonio Luna, Youth Coalition for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, GA
Cayden Mak, 18 Million Rising, CA
Luis Maldonado, MAC, TX

Greisa Martinez, United We Dream, TX
Crystal Mattison, IDEA/ Mississippi Freedom Summer Conference, MS
Erika Maye, Active Voices, GA
Marshawn McCarell, Ohio Student Association, OH
Amatullah Mervin, Boston Area Youth Organizing Project, MA
Theo Moore, NY
Jess Morales, AFL-CIO, DC
Yash Mori, NC
Tre Murphy, Baltimore Algebra Project, MD
Anthony Ng, ASPIRE LA, CA
Luis Ojeda, California Youth Immigrant Justice Coalition, CA
Steve Pargett, Dream Defenders, FL
Andi Perez, Youth United for Change, PA
Jason Perez, Black Youth Project 100, IL
Troy Perry
Juan Ramos-Garcia, NC
David Reynard, Baltimore Algebra Project, MD
Scott Roberts, Advancement Project, DC
Ashley Robinson, New Georgia Project, GA
Leidy Robledo, Alliance for Educational Justice, AZ
Ana Rodriguez, Scholarships A-Z, AZ
Francisco Salcido, Scholarships A-Z, AZ
Yadi Sanchez, Mi Familia Vota/SEIU, DC
Alwiyah Shariff, Ohio Student Association, OH
Nelini Stamp, Wildfire Project, GA
Jonathan Stith, Alliance for Educational Justice, NY
Albert Sykes, Young People’s Project, MS
Charles Taylor, NAACP, MS
Amber Thomas, NAACP/ One Voice, MS
Austin Thompson, SEIU, DC
Opal Tometi, Black Alliance for Just Immigration, NY
Aricka Turner, Ohio Student Association, OH
Chinyere Tutshinda, Youth Together, CA
Qasima Wideman, Youth Organizing Institute, NC
Joseph Worthy, Children’s Defense Fund, OH

Join Us

Through civic engagement and direct action this summer focused in four states, we will confront unjust laws and advance our four-pronged agenda of participatory democracy, good jobs, quality education and decriminalization.

Leading these innovative summer campaigns are the Dream Defenders in Florida, immigrant youth with United We Dream (TX), Better Schools Better Jobs in Mississippi, and the Ohio Student Association. We see this summer as the first step toward building a sustainable youth of color-led civic engagement infrastructure to continue advancement toward our agenda long after the summer has ended.


JUNE 23-29, Jackson, MS – Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Conference and Youth Congress
JULY 21-27, Polk County, FL – Dream Defenders Freedom School
AUGUST 4-8, San Antonio, TX – UWD Freedom Week
SEPTEMBER, MS – Final push for education ballot initiative


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